Dentist in Norridge, IL

At DiChristofano & DiChristofano, we provide mouthguards for sports and bruxism (teeth grinding).  Athletic mouthguards can be fabricated to prevent and/or minimize trauma to your teeth and jaw joint during high risk activities.  Both professional and amateur athletes should wear mouthguards while participating in contact sports.  These custom mouthguards fit comfortably and securely.

Other custom-made mouthguards are used to prevent damage from grinding and clenching habits. These mouthguards are commonly referred to as nightguards and may also be used to reduce TMJ joint problems.  At times, a nightguard will be recommended to preserve cosmetic and extensively restored dentitions.

All of the custom fitting mouthguards should help to protect your teeth and smile.  Please be sure to ask our dentist in Norridge if you think a mouthguard may be appropriate for your health.